Conviction to get Spies vs Mercs after all?

Game Director reveals that while bringing the legendary multiplayer mode back would be difficult, it’s still a post-launch possibility.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, April 12, 2010


Discussing Splinter Cell: Conviction’s co-op modes at a recent showcase, Game Director Patrick Redding has hinted to VGD that ‘Spies versus Mercenaries’, the team-based match type that cemented the franchise’s multiplayer credentials, may put in an encore performance as downloadable content post-launch.

Redding argued that Conviction’s more introspective, ‘rogue agent’ storyline and new AI-tricking mechanics would be hard to reconcile with the Spies versus Mercs concept, but commented ‘I don’t mean to say that there isn’t a possibility of exploring that, right now perhaps I lack the imagination to see it immediately’.

‘I think it was a good move, a smart move on our part, to play to our strengths,’ he went on, ‘especially on the first implementation of this, to try to come up with a multiplayer mode that really works well with those gameplay pillars, those gameplay mechanics of [Mark & Execute, Last Known Position] and the rest, and then once we see how that works then there’s all sorts of interesting possibilities, then we can really assess and say “OK, now, assuming we wanted to go down that avenue what would it look like?”

‘But I think if we tried to go out the gates with it, I just think right now those same players that were mad it hadn’t been included would be cursing our names for trying to make it work and failing!’

When asked directly whether a Spies vs Merc DLC pack might be in the offing, Redding was noncommittal. ‘Well, DLC is a huge can of worms that I’m not going to try and launch into now,’ he said.

‘We’re going to introduce some interesting stuff with DLC, but I think that in the bigger picture we’re always going to be looking to find ways to expand on the ideas in co-op and multiplayer, because I really feel like that’s becoming our core group, our core audience.’

News of such a pack would do wonders for Conviction’s status among veterans of the series, many of whom remain unconvinced by Ubisoft’s change of direction. For details of the latter, check our preview and interview with Creative Director Maxime Beland.

The game’s out on Xbox 360 this week in North America, Europe and the UK.

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27 Responses to “Conviction to get Spies vs Mercs after all?”

  1. BornOfSin says:

    ‘But I think if we tried to go out the gates with it, I just think right now those same players that were mad it hadn’t been included would be cursing our names for trying to make it work and failing!’ <== WERE mad? WERE? I've played the game and it's Multiplayer is SHIT! Were?? WERE?!?!? WE ARE MAD .. FURIOUS EVEN!! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS FOR THIS GAME AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF THE BLOODY CAMPAIGN 'LAST KNOW POSITION' ETC .. No one cares about the campaign after the first day of owning the game. Are you game developers to stupid to see that?? Look at Modern Warfare etc, It's not the bloody campaign that keeps people playing the game. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN YOU MORONS!!

  2. Spy Vs Merc is Dead to Ubi. they wont admit it because they scared.

    Go to it! its the new age of Spy Vs Merc.

  3. Agentx_003 says:

    to the previous poster your link is wrong
    but yes i agree it is the new future.

    oR for content :

  4. whiteout says:

    Agree with everyone this multiplayer isnt as good as the toilet paper I whipe my A** with. Seriously, I bought this game brought it home, put it in my xbox and saw the crap multiplayer and put the game back in the box and took it back to the store.. I have never been more dissappointed in my life. If you think that anyone would rather have this single player story, coop or any of this other crap you have in the game rather than spies vs mercs then you do not deserve to be called game developers. you should be called crap developers. Yes single player is good based on the demo but how many people want to spend $60 on 6 hours worth of game play? I can tell you right now I played Chaos Theory for years without getting bored and I couldnt play this crap for a day without putting in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I really expected greatness from this game and I guess that is my fault, I should have known you all would let us down. I dont get how anyone could be so stupid as to take out the only part of a game that anyone likes! Well I guess I have a new career to look forward to, if you guys can make money developing video games then I will be rich because I actually understand what the players want and I will let you in on a secret IT IS NOT THIS CRAPPY COOP MULTIPLAYER!!!!

  5. VegasMat says:

    Man no Spy Vs Merc is a HUGE fail.

    I don’t really understand why you would even need to have mark and execute or last know position in Spy Vs Merc multiplayer. Hell, I believe the last 2 splinter cells spy vs merc had a slightly different button configuration than the single player anyways.

    I say its bad when a game director says he lacks enough imagination to figure out how to implement a core pillar like Spy Vs Merc in a game like splinter cell.

  6. J a N i T o R says:

    The whole reason people play the game is for the multiplayer. I highly doubt people buy the game solely for the multiplayer. Why on God’s green earth would Ubisoft ever take out the spies v. mercenaries? That is the equivalent of giving Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction: a disaster waiting to happen.

    Ubisoft Montreal put Splinter Cell on the map with Chaos Theory. I used to play that game for hours at a time and even when Double Agent came out, I could barely swallow the fact that they took out the spy’s tazer; I never even considered removing the spies v. mercs gametype as an option.

    I honestly have no clue what the hell they were thinking when someone suggested removing spies v. mercs; that guy should have been punched in the face (or I guess in his case, ovaries).

    Sack up Ubisoft, put it back in; this game is an utter failure.

  7. GT says:

    I bought and played chaos theory for spies vs mercs. I NEVER touched the campaign and took double agent back cause it sucked balls. After afew hours not one person gives a shit about the storyline. It gets old and then people turn to the multiplayer. you took a hugh chunk of the replay value out and managed to lose some fans in the prosess. Good job. My advice is that you guys pull your head out of your asses and listen to the fans. The ones who play the games.

  8. Metal_Face says:

    I care about single player campaigns, I think multiplayer is shit. No story. I don’t play games to have 13 year old kids to shout and scream at me. I play games to escape that.

    It shows how stupid you are to think that MW2 is the pinnacle of modern gaming. Its crap. Force fed to you by a company that is laughing at how rich you’re making them, for sub-par games.

    The only reason games have stupidly short singleplayer campaigns is becasue you accept it.

  9. truth says:

    single player campaigns are garbage because nobody cares about them except newbs like metal_face. and as for the SC:C mp, it’s really well done if you play face-off with guards and gadgets off, and the devs said there is a possibility of 2vs or 3vs updates in the future…you don’t need mercs when you can mod your spy to be like a merc, and you could kill a merc with a headshot easily. And to be honest, as much as I love pandora tomorrow (yes it’s better than chaos theory) this system works really well and makes more sense for a spy shooter. in the other ones it’s like “here, infiltrate this warehouse with these non lethal tasers and some flash grenades, and oh yea, there’s heavily armed mercs waiting to kill you in there, good luck!

  10. truth says:

    it’s like a mix between metal gear online, winback 64 (lol), rainbow six and splinter cell in one. extremely fun with the right settings. all they need is 2vs2 or 3vs3 which they are most likely going to implement.

  11. Well says:

    dust off ur original xbox and buff your pandora tomorrow..o wait cant no online for original xbox anymore welp were fucked

    • Spence says:

      I bought 4 splintercell choas theories, pandora tomorrows, got four xboxs, fours tvs, router, 4 ehternets, 2 on 2 at my place!

  12. Splintercellfan1 says:

    What the hell are you all on about?!!!! Jeezes, seriously. Make some friends and play the game with them, it’s AWESOME. But yeah ofcourse all the Modern Warfare freaks like to own everybody else and don’t want to feel the sense of teamplay. And seriously, teamplay in a game like splinter cell, brilliantly developped like in conviction is the best multiplayer experience one could desire. The game seems like a whole movie, well two movies in fact. One in the single player campaign and another one in the coop-campaign. Just play the game as you’re supposed to be and MAKE SOME FUN AND STOP NAGGING!!!

  13. ShouldaCouldaWoulda says:

    Well, I personally did buy the game for the campaign and Co-Op missions.
    They emphasized it heavily, and if you all expected a multi-player based game AT FIRST then you are at fault here.

    Did Ubisoft make a mistake by not adding in a Spies vs Mercenaries game mode? ABSOLUTELY. I downloaded SC:CT from the Marketplace on XBL and fell in love with the SC series all over again. It was amazingly challenging yet astonishingly entertaining all at the same time.
    Being the Spy meant craftiness, cunning and everyone’s favorite ambushes while the Mercenary team was a matter of hunting the hunters with various gadgets and guns.

    FACE-OFF is entertaining, but not a break-through in versus modes; not even close, but I really enjoy it. The only problem is, some people are ridiculously good at it. (Not to brag but I myself have yet to lose a game and I really thoroughly enjoy Face-Off)

    I think that Ubisoft will release SvM in the future, but they released the SC:C without it in order to attract the die-hard campaign and storyline lovers, like myself.

    For those of you trollin’ about how this game sucks and you hate it and Ubisoft blah blah blah.. Just know that they never emphasized Multiplayer, only the Co-Op and Campaign.

  14. Chris says:

    I compltely agree. Spy vs merc is a deff. We need it. This game will eventually be like RE5 where it was awesome Co op but online play is terrible. I dont get it honestly thought. I mean i bought maps on pandora and CT for like 8 dollars. Thats quite a bit of money they are making with 20k ppl playing- do the math. Its like your going to a concert to see someone famous like miley cyrus (spy vs merc) and then they throw some local band in there (face off). Like i said before The game will get old. I have beatin both campaigns on Realistic and im not fond of the PEC Rainbowsix vegas was the best with that. That be one incredible game with spy vs merc and RSV’s PEC. Wow just think

  15. Julio says:

    i agree with one cares about campaign or coop..WE WANT SPY VS MERC!!!!this feature is what made splinter cell!!!

  16. Julio says:

    see Project Stealth looks amazing but it seems like you guys are going to take forever to release this game..

  17. Kyle says:

    BRING BACK Spies vs Mercs…. I think they should just make their own section of this type of gameplay on the menu’s, (on the menu’s it has Co-op & Multiplayer .. They should put a Spies vs Mercs gameplay option right under that or above it). They should have Hunter, Infiltration, Last Stand, Face-Off, and the campaigns all continue to use the Mark and Execute … but the spies vs merks gameplay could get rid of Mark and Execute. The mercs could have some gadgets like thermal vision and the spies with knives or something like that.

    This would make the online play much better. The online play now is terrible. There is no competition or challenge to the game at all. Also I don’t want to play a game against AI’s all day long… I would rather play a 3v3,4v4,or 5v5 against real people and not bot’s that are tricked so easily.

  18. Ducky920 says:

    So i tried playing Conviction right now and i just couldn’t. I miss the old SC. PT and CT were the greatest games i have ever played. If only they could like just bring those back by remaking just the multiplayer with updated graphics.

  19. wtf is goin on? says:

    Lmao….sad ubisoft failed big time….wat were they thinking? i hav no idea. I have a few questions, wat is the project stealth game? and will it b on xbox 360? IT looks like the next splinter cell but ubisoft fuked up big time

  20. What a fail says:

    Ok to be fair, Conviction is a hell of a game. The campaign is good, the coop/deniable ops modes are fun with a friend. And it’s cool that you can have different suits to wear XD. But i do agree with most people… WHERE THE FUCK IS SPY VS MERCS??? Spy vs mercs was the best of the best. Chaos theory was absolutely amazing, the spies vs mercs could keep you entertained for hours on end and didnt get boring at all. I really dont know what the fuck ubisoft was thinking to remove spies vs mercs, but who ever did think of that shit idea is a retard. I think spies vs mercs in conviction would work really well. It would be awesome if you could change your uniforms for the spies and mercs better than you could in Double agent.. like have the 3rd Echelon Elite outfit or the Voron Zvezda outfit or any of the outfits you have. I would gladly pay for a spies vs mercs DLC is ubisoft decides to pull their head out their asses, and make one. The deniable ops and campaign can keep your entertained for about 2-3 days. Whereas spies vs mercs can keep you entertained for HOURS!!!!!!!

  21. wtf happened? says:

    how come they cant just bring it back with updated graphics and gadgets..Fuc the mark and execute system and all that new shit. i dont like it….and yeh i thought splinter cell was about stealth

  22. SplinterCellJunkie says:

    Personally, I bought Splinter Cell: Conviction for two reasons (both of which went down the toilet from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory).
    1: The EPIC coop campaign with involves incredible teamwork and careful selection/timing of weapons
    2: The combat in multiplayer which has a need for communication and teamwork in order to win on EITHER side, Spies or Mercenaries.

    For some reason that is beyond me and apparently anyone else on this board, THEY REMOVED BOTH. The Co-Op campaign is no longer Co-Op. There is no cooperation involved! You could both split up and start slaughtering everything in your path without any kind of teamwork. In Chaos Theory, if you get shot 2-4 times, you die unless you can find medical supplies in the building… Now in Conviction, you can get shot UNLIMITED numbers of times and keep going, after sitting in a corner for a bit. Don’t believe me? Then why do they allow the player to play the “Deniable Ops” alone; because they know that it isn’t for teamwork.

    Now as for the multiplayer…. WOW…. just….wow…. They don’t want to include one of the most enthralling and mind-bogglingly entertaining multiplayer experience of all time? One that requires stealth, power, intelligence, and strategy at the same time? No? Alright then, lets just throw A DIFFERENT multiplayer mode, where everyone uses one kind of pistol (Five-Seven or MP-23) and one kind of side arm (Always the M4-68) and run around and mindless get killed or kill bots for the points.
    That isn’t multiplayer, that is essentially competitive Co-Op with a twist…. What a sad excuse for a multiplayer gametype.
    I love playing as Sam Fisher and everything they did with their epic storyline and astonishingly good use of the environment to Sam’s advantage, but WHAT WENT WRONG? Campaign = Fun for a while. Co-Op = Fun with your friends for a while. Face-Off Mode = Garbage that is fun for about TWO DAYS until you get 44-0 and realize that you already have done everything that Ubisoft Montreal has to offer and now you have wasted $60 and a LONG time of waiting.
    A Spies vs Mercenaries game is needed like Oprah needed to lose weight; and look what happened, she lost weight, but we still have no enthralling multiplayer that can keep your attention for hours end on end.
    What gives Ubisoft? Too lazy? Or do you just not care about that entertainment value of your games any more?

  23. QBJJ says:

    WHY THE HELL DID YOU GUYS F this game UP. EVERYONE WAS SO excited fro S VS. M. Now its just Gay!!!! THere should be a update to fix this or freakin somthing!


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