PlayStation Move hits 4.1 million shipped (not sold) worldwide

PS3 peripheral steams ahead of Kinect.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 30, 2010

Sony’s just wired to say that sales of PlayStation Move, that weird matt-black remote control thingy with the gumball on top, have topped 4.1 million across the globe.

The figure applies to sales of the controller itself and the complete Move bundle, which packs the controller and a PlayStation Eye camera, and excludes standalone sales of the Eye or optional Navigation stick.

That puts the Move well ahead of Microsoft’s Kinect, which had 2.5 million to its name as of yesterday – but let’s not forget that Sony’s contribution to motion-sensitive gaming has been on sale in most territories since September, while Kinect hit stores only this month.

Indeed, assuming Move and Kinect keep shifting at those rates (unlikely), the hands-free peripheral is set to win – wait for it – hands down. Good God, I’m a comedy genius.

On 14th October, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe prez Andrew House announced that Move had pulled off 1.5 million sales across his corporate territory in its first month at retail.

Thoughts on the figures so far, readers? Press release below.

UPDATE: Seems when they say “sold”, they mean “shipped to retailers”. We buzzed our friendly neighbourhood PR about this earlier today, but Sony got back to Joystiq on the matter first.

Tokyo, November 30, 2010 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that the sales of PlayStation®Move motion controller for the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system reached over 4.1 million units worldwide*1. The milestone was reached in just 2 months since its release in September for North America, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, and 1 month since the release in October for Japan. The number not only shows clear success of the launch of the new motion sensing controller but also indicates positive momentum going in to the holiday season and to the year 2011.

PlayStation Move motion controller is used in combination with the PlayStation®Eye camera*2 to detect the precise movement, angle, and absolute position in 3D space of the user, thereby allowing users to intuitively play as if they are within the game. Delivering the most realistic and immersive experience, PlayStation Move not only captures user’s motion but also player’s image itself to offer new augmented reality experiences in select games.

PlayStation Move offers more than 25 supported/dedicated titles for Europe/PAL territories up to date with vast line-up of software titles from all genres and all types of audiences. Some of the successful titles include Sports Champions, Start the Party, EyePet Move Edition, MAG, SingStar Dance and more. Upcoming PlayStation Move titles include the platform-defining franchises like Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 that will further establish PlayStation Move as the must have motion experience for casual and hard-core gamers alike.

More than 41.6 million PS3 system has been sold globally*3 and despite entering its 5th year since launch, the system is yet to record another year of success. PS3, equipped with sophisticated processing units as well as future proof cutting-edge technologies, unfolded its potential, this year, with the introduction of PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D capabilities. SCEI will further continue to deliver strong value to the platform and will accelerate the growth of the platform by vigorously enhancing the entertainment experience only possible on the PlayStation® platform.

*1 Number as of November 2010. Cumulative number since its release date, September 15 for Europe/PAL territories and Asian countries/regions, September 19 for North America and October 21 for Japan. The number does not include sales of stand-alone PlayStation®Eye camera or stand-alone PlayStation®Move navigation controller.
*2 Users will need to use the PlayStation Eye camera to enjoy PlayStation Move motion controller on PS3®.
*3 Number as of September 2010.

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3 Responses to “PlayStation Move hits 4.1 million shipped (not sold) worldwide”

  1. Shox121 says:

    i got my kid Move for christmas so i’ll try it then but i’m not expecting anything more than a gimmick. same goes for kinect, just more casual crap. i’m not knocking them, but just not for me.
    i actually enjoy sitting down to play games. i play football for exercise. i play games to relax..well kinda relax ;)

  2. wiiboy101... says:

    wii not gimmick move/kinect SUPER GIMMICK ,,,move sales are camera and wand/just wand/wand and sub controller/wand camera and sub controller/etc thats some gimped and split user-base right there and it lags and the camera fuuks up with other lights in the room and the calibration is long winded and broken NO SUCH ISSUSE WITH Wii ,,,kinect is camera with out the wand its a darm eyetoy thats slightly better and nothing more

    wii offers all the above LAG FREE and wm+/wii remote plus BLOW MOVE AWAY and nunchuck has motion of its own SUB CONTROLLER HAS NO MOTION AT ALL…

    wii versions of COD have true FPS MOUSE CONTROLS AND NO LAG and all auto-aim/aim assist quick scoping massivly redused so you play as a human with a gun not a camera on a mechical TANK TORRET

    gimmick=uneducated wii=true gamers

    anyone on this planet calling wii casual and playing fps on ps3 and x360 and not wii or pc IS A HYPERCRITE auto aim and mechanical robo cop camera is CASUAL ASSIST FPS FOR KIDS anyone playing with a gamers mouse A WII REMOTE 9S PURE OLD SKOOL GAMER GOLDmouse pointer and real time motion=FUTURE OF GAMING not gimmick


  3. werwer says:

    Very misleading by Sony


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