Wii 2: Five ways Nintendo can win back hardcore gamers

Will the Wii’s successor satisfy old-school Nintendo fans? One fan, VGD’s Dylann Bobei, has some ideas about how it could.

By Dylann Bobei, April 29, 2011

4. Chicken Shoot… really?

Next time you’re in GameStop or GAME, take a look at the Wii library. Some of the games that have come out for the console are downright embarrassing. Especially when they’re fetching the same price, or close to the same price, as gems like Twilight Princess or Super Mario Galaxy. Any hardcore gamer that is deciding on what console to buy is going to look at the Xbox library, the PS3 library and the Wii library and come to one consensus: Xbox and PS3 – guns, swords, ninjas, adventurers, robots, space, etc. Wii? Chickens, Miis, exercise…I think you understand.

This sortof thing isn't going to do Wii 2 any favors.

Look, I’m not saying that Wii does not have some fantastic games that are childish looking in nature, because it does and I love them. I’m also not saying that weapons and gore make for a good game experience. What I am saying is, I know the way that today’s youth thinks and if they are deciding on which console to buy, they are deciding on which console is the coolest looking and will make them look the coolest amongst their peers.

The Wii just is not that console. This might mean Nintendo regulating what software is released better, I’m not sure. But the selection just does not do the system justice and makes it so that it can never stand next to the likes of PlayStation and Xbox.

5. Keep the Stream steady

Finally, the last big thing Nintendo needs to do is keep the stream of good games, steady for at least the first year or so. There were too many times in Wii’s lifespan that saw lulls in game releases. All consoles are susceptible to this problem, but I think Sony and Microsoft managed it better than Nintendo was able to in this last generation.

Nintendo going hard after third party support could alleviate this problem, because there will be unique, popular games being released more often. If Nintendo relies too heavily on first party titles, we’ll see the parts of the year that drag on like we did with the Wii.

Another thing to go along with this point… produce a STRONG launch line-up. Nothing is more infuriating than a great system that doesn’t get a big start out of the gate with its library. (I’m looking at you 3DS!) Nintendo needs to deliver a huge first party title to launch the console and a huge third party title wouldn’t hurt either. I’m thinking in the vein of Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong or Pikmin. Something that will keep gamers content with their new purchase. Nintendo then needs to follow up on the launch with big releases that come often. A lot of people have a sour taste in their mouth because of the Wii library and it is going to take something very big and well orchestrated to get rid of that.

"Stream" is one of the rumored names for the new console

Those are the five big things that I think Nintendo needs to make this new console a success. Obviously there are a lot of things that go into a new system, and many factors will contribute to it being loved by Nintendo’s real fans, or not. But these are among the most important.

Nonetheless, it will be an time over the coming weeks as we learn more about the mysterious new home console and get our first taste of just what it is all about.

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One Response to “Wii 2: Five ways Nintendo can win back hardcore gamers”

  1. Charles says:

    I agree with everything except 5 with the launch titles. The problem with having so many first party games at launch is that they inevitably make it difficult for 3rd parties to compete and create a market. It’ll just make 3rd party devs think there is no market for their games.

    It seems to me that Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hardplace. If Nintendo doesn’t release to many of their games and lots of 3rd party games. People will say there are no games at all. If they release lots of 3rd party games it will hurt 3rd party game sales.


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