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Street Fighter X Tekken: Who asked for it?
August 10, 2010: Capcom just can't seem to stop starting fights with other companies. Their latest exercise in pint-spilling is unexpected to say the least. Did you ask for this?
Interview of a lifetime: Microsoft talks mouse and keyboard
July 23, 2010: In which Eva Robins attempts to sell you the SideWinder peripheral range, and we attempt to stop her.
Opinion: what can Dragon Quest teach Final Fantasy?
July 22, 2010: A Tale of Two JRPGs. Why Final Fantasy needs to learn to laugh at itself.
GoldenEye remakers not worried by middling Wii shooter sales
July 22, 2010: Activision Producer doesn't see platform as a 'challenge', hints at possible PlayStation Move port.
Interview: R.U.S.E. – RTS with a trick up its sleeve
July 19, 2010: Has RTS finally cracked console? Why World War II? Is truth really the first casualty? VGD talks R.U.S.E. with Ubisoft producer Mathieu Girard.
Live Report: James Bond: Bloodstone – First Impressions
July 16, 2010: We get a first look at the all-new Bond experience from Bizarre Creations and Activision, featuring the vocal talents and cheekbones of star singer Joss Stone.
Ubisoft: play co-op if you want the ‘real’ Future Soldier experience
July 13, 2010: New Ghost Recon sets sights on 'the experience or feeling of being a Spec Ops, with a team of friends.'
Interview: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
July 13, 2010: We haunt a preview showing of Ubisoft's next ultra-military four-man squad-botherer, then trade Qs and As with Product Manager Aziz Khater.
Driver: San Francisco Preview – trafficking with a teleporter
July 9, 2010: John Tanner might have been in the wars, but he's still up for a race. Hands-on with a PS3 build of Ubisoft's unhinged car-chaser.
Interview: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
July 8, 2010: Associate Producer Jean-Francois Boivin on drop-in co-op, being true to the universe, high-velocity fighting and the question of yearly sequels.
Why PSP can still compete with 3DS
June 24, 2010: Nintendo's new baby is making quite the splash, but don't count out Sony's grizzled veteran just yet.
PlayStation Move: ‘platform’ or peripheral?
June 22, 2010: Opinion: Move is being marketed as a whole new start for the PlayStation experience, but how much of that is wishful thinking?
E3 2010 – all our coverage in one place
June 19, 2010: How we spent the biggest week in the gaming calendar.
The price of innovation – Move, Kinect, 3DS
June 18, 2010: Our thoughts on the price-points - real and rumoured - of the next three major innovations in console gaming.
Sony’s E3: making a Move on the third parties
June 16, 2010: Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 might be the toast of the PlayStation community at present, but Sony's presser was as much about partnerships as it was home-grown games.
Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you
June 15, 2010: Miyamoto and co take time away from casual gaming to deliver the E3 presentation their fans have been dreaming of.
Microsoft’s E3: slow and steady wins the race?
June 15, 2010: Microsoft's press conference might have lacked surprises, but the quality and integrity were there.
Opinion: Kinect reveal was for ‘everyone’, just not for you
June 14, 2010: Microsoft's first E3 2010 airing of the newly renamed motion technology left much to be desired.
Call of Duty: Black Ops – The Ultimate Interview
June 2, 2010: Mega-chat with Treyarch's Studio Head Mark Lamia and Community Manager Josh Olin on the seventh Call of Duty.
Blacklight: Tango Down Preview
May 31, 2010: We tango down with Zombie Studios’ Jared Gerritzen for intel on their low-cost, high production FPS.
Black Ops ‘Slaughterhouse’ level was originally for multiplayer
May 29, 2010: As was the crossbow. Treyarch's Mark Lamia talks up 'aggressive' approach to new Call of Duty online.
Treyarch: 60 FPS is a ‘critical component’ of Call of Duty experience
May 28, 2010: Studio head: sky-high frame rate is the reason Call of Duty 'feels so good in your hand'.
Exclusive: first look at digital game trade-ins
May 7, 2010: Behind the scenes with Green Man Gaming, the service that could change the way gamers purchase their games.
Super Street Fighter IV: Community Service
April 29, 2010: Producer. Community Leader. European champion. We hear from three important voices on what Super Street Fighter IV means for fighting games.
SFIV producer ‘desperate’ to make Darkstalkers sequel – and you can help
April 24, 2010: Yoshinori Ono wants you to tell Capcom that you want Darkstalkers. After SFIV, you owe him that much.
Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Interview
April 12, 2010: Ubisoft's Patrick Redding discusses Sam Fisher's personal hell, the role of co-op today, DLC possibilities and the (temporary?) absence of Spies vs Mercenaries.
Modnation Racers Hands-On Preview
April 7, 2010: Can the joys of chrome and vinyl negate the pain of rockets up the tailpipe? VGD goes hands-on with an offline build of United Front's PS3 kart racer.
Emotional gaming: a contradiction in terms?
April 6, 2010: Games are capable of yanking the heart strings, but can they truly match the achievements of film and literature? Also: what Pokemon and Heavy Rain have in common.
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Preview
April 1, 2010: We flip out with Ninja Theory's Chief Creative Ninja Tameem Antoniades and discuss how beautiful the apocalypse will be.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Interview
March 25, 2010: Animation Director Jan-Erik Sjovall talks two-tone videogame storytelling, Elika, massive battles and 'meat and potatoes' design.
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Interview
March 17, 2010: InXile Entertainment execs on the future of the RPG, the nature of fantasy, changing up co-op gaming and giving Blizzard their first contract.
Exclusivity doesn’t exist, but it’s still ruining gaming
March 16, 2010: Thinking inside the hardware box is neither fun, realistic nor productive, so why do we do it?
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Preview
March 15, 2010: Our first look at InXile and Bethesda's co-op-focussed attempt to rejuvenate the traditional dungeon crawler.
Splinter Cell: Conviction Hands-On Preview
March 12, 2010: Third Echelon's old posterboy goes in search of retribution. Our hands-on with Ubisoft's fifth Splinter Cell.
Splinter Cell: Conviction Interview
March 11, 2010: Creative Director Maxime Beland on Denzel Washington, the problem of cut scenes, transplantable AI, platform exclusivity and much, much more.
No more hero-worship? Goichi Suda Interview
March 10, 2010: If his games were any more 8-bit you'd have to blow on the disc before putting it into the Wii. We talk pixels and punks with Suda51.
Alan Wake Preview
March 6, 2010: We delve deep into the psyche of Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen in the hope of uncovering some thrilling new details regarding a certain troubled author.
Metroid: Other M Hands-On Preview
March 5, 2010: Samus gets all maternal in the most unconventional Metroid to date.
Sony sequels we’d prefer to SOCOM 4
March 5, 2010: Edwin reacts badly to the announcement of yet another sandy-gritty shooty-bang-bang squad-prodder. SOCOM? More like SUCK-OM. (Don't worry, it gets better.)
Red Steel 2 Hands-On Preview
March 4, 2010: Steel yourself for our hard-hitting hands-on with Ubisoft's second Wii swordfighting game.
Blur Preview
March 4, 2010: We visit Liverpool, European capital of culture 2008, to take Bizarre Creations' social (and anti-social) racer for a spin.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hands-On
March 3, 2010: “More than just a sequel”, or more of the same? VideoGamesDaily goes hands-on with Mario’s latest adventure.
Conviction dev “hungry” for Splinter Cell movie
March 2, 2010: The 'biggest question' is who would play Sam Fisher.
Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview
February 26, 2010: LucasArts Producer Jake Neri talks to us about technical hurdles, language barriers and introducing Star Wars fans to the MMO.
Red Steel 2 Interview
February 22, 2010: Creative director Jason VandenBerghe talks Project Natal, Sony's wand, mature gaming on the Wii and cutting the grass in Zelda.
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Interview
February 18, 2010: Epic, five page marathon chat with EA producer on appeasing the hardcore, obligatory logins, dumping Gamespy, the joy of Halo Wars and where the RTS will go next.
“Big and simple” Halo Wars learned from C&C3 – EA
February 18, 2010: EA producer feels Ensemble Studios worked well within the limitations of console play.
EA Producer: C&C4 is more like an FPS
February 17, 2010: But "not a casual game by any stretch of the imagination".
Putting the “horror” back in “survival horror”
February 12, 2010: The Silent Hill: Shattered Memories team talk genre reinvention.
Climax: Wii owners more receptive to “bold” ideas
February 11, 2010: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories "wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Wii".
Monster Hunter Tri Interview
February 8, 2010: Hands-on with Capcom's third and possibly greatest full Monster Hunter sequel, followed by extensive chat with Capcom UK's Leo Tan.
Why it could have been great: White Knight Chronicles
February 5, 2010: Level 5's epic but underwhelming PS3 role-playing game could have rocked our worlds. Edwin investigates the game's undelivered promise.
Monster Hunter is a “platform”, not a game – Capcom UK
February 1, 2010: PSP's success is "more about Monster Hunter players than it is PSP players".
Out-shooting GTA IV?: Red Dead Redemption Hands-On
January 28, 2010: Rockstar finally lets us clamber into the saddle, but is an embarrassing tumble in store? VideoGamesDaily goes hands-on with three missions from the new frontier of sandbox gaming.
The science of sucking: game design crimes
January 22, 2010: A traipse through some of the industry's less exalted moments with commentary from leading developers and journalists.
The DS2 – what can we expect?
January 15, 2010: If analysts are to be believed, the successor to Nintendo's wildly popular handheld is just round the corner. Here's our predicted feature list.
Project Natal: what’s the worst that can happen?
January 14, 2010: Flash-forward to the grim, unholy darkness of a post-Natal world. Possibly.
Six games that will define 2010
January 8, 2010: Which titles will this year be remembered for? Edwin drops a few hints.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Preview
January 2, 2010: We caught up with two of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy veterans to discuss Chocobos, potions and Zombie FPS games.
Games of the Decade: Part 1
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 1: Rupert.
Red Dead Redemption First-Hand Preview
December 15, 2009: We belly up to the saloon with Rockstar to hear the legend of John Marston.
Heavy Rain Hands-on Preview
December 14, 2009: The cautionary tale(s) of Scott Shelby. VideoGamesDaily dissects a pre-release copy of Quantic Dream's dark, daring PS3 adventure.
Mass Effect 2: Gamestop ad shows off badass gun
December 10, 2009: This is my BOOMSTICK. For preorders only.
Will FFXIII bring the JRPG back in the West?
December 10, 2009: Final Fantasy is back in the headlines, but is it the last and best of a dying breed?
Dark Void Preview
December 8, 2009: We fly into the void with an Xbox 360 build of Capcom's jet-powered action-adventure.
Mass Effect 2 Interview
December 5, 2009: Game producer Adrien Cho on BioWare boozing, pushing Unreal Engine 3 to its limits, comparisons with Star Wars: The Old Republic and a "holistic" approach to development.
Mass Effect 2 producer: devs “pamper” gamers
December 4, 2009: Bioware's second sci-fi shooter will have "serious", "delicious" consequences, like in Demon's Souls.
The secret to Mass Effect 2′s textures? Beer
December 3, 2009: Game producer to get lead cinematic animator wasted if technical issues are overcome.
Killer Instinct 3 fights for Natal outing
November 26, 2009: New chat with Rare chief suggests Killer Instinct could make a return - but not with a traditional controller.
PSN Video Delivery Service goes live in UK
November 19, 2009: Complete with the following promotional deal: get Transformers free if you register in November.
PSN Video Delivery Service goes live in UK and Europe
November 18, 2009: Complete with the following promotional deal: get Transformers free if you register in November.
Modern Warfare 2 shockers – a history in videos
November 16, 2009: Our quick, clip-driven retrospective on all the big reveals and upsets.
Just Cause 2 Preview
November 13, 2009: A well-deserved second outing for the vertigo-inducing tropical terror? We check out an early Xbox 360 build.
And the best part of Modern Warfare 2 is…
November 2, 2009: Infinity Ward studio boss spills the beans.
Left 4 Dead PC mall campaign goes live
November 2, 2009: Or should that be "un-live"?
Ubi releases Assassin's Creed – Lineage Pt 1
October 27, 2009: There's stabby-killy shenanigans afoot in Renaissance Florence.
BOOM. It’s the new site for FPS fanatics!
October 27, 2009: This scene-setting intro is entirely skippable.
Gaming Idols: Top 50 We Ever Interviewed
October 26, 2009: Interviews have long been a strong passion for us at Kikizo. Today, in celebration of our relaunch into Video Games Daily, we name the 50 best interviewees of the site to date.
So, how super is Super Street Fighter IV?
October 7, 2009: Last year Capcom made beating up your friends cooler than Tyler Durden. Will the upcoming remix woo crowds again?
Assassin’s Creed 2 Preview
October 7, 2009: Ubisoft's much-touted Assassin's Creed was one of this generation's greatest disappointments. Is the sequel a killer app or a stab in the dark?
Interview: Assassin’s Creed 2
September 30, 2009: Game Director Benoit Lambert on Batman comparisons, Ubisoft recruitment drives and the Ponte di Rialto.
The Beatles: Rock Band photo and art unlocks
September 21, 2009: The Fab Four's secrets revealed.



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